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Hey Guys!

I'm kind of back in a way and jesus christ! 4,709 messages. wow...

well just letting you guys know, i may not be on as much as i used to be, i'm busy with homework and i have also got some other things i need to do, so i'll let you know when i get back for real.
Mario OC: Bloo by CaptainCanada99
Mario OC: Bloo
Bloo is my new OC for the Mario series. Bloo is a Boo, this is just a Humanized form.

Name: Bloo
Age: ???
Birthday: July 27th
Backstory: Bloo was once a human named Cole "Blue" Sovia, He was born a thief, raised a thief, lived a thief and died a thief. Of course, his life wasn't all looting and stealing. He once had a beautiful girlfriend, they were soon to be engaged but sadly disaster struck as Cole was struck with a terrible disease. He died, and after his death, awaited judgement in the Underwhere, it was a long time before anything happened. Eventually he was drafted into King Boo's army, he is now a Boo thief, able to plunder whatever he sees. Unfortunately, once he became a Boo all of his memories faded away.

Powers: Invisibility, like all Boos as well as Telekinesis, nothing major though, the most he can hold is a small car. Since he was a master thief, he has the ability to steal everything from someone by looking at them with his bare eyes, and i mean EVERYTHING, Clothes, valuables, memories, abilities and even souls, this is why he wears sunglasses constantly.
Hey watchers, friends, enemies, whatever!

The release of Super smash bros. 4 is creeping closer and closer, so i think it'd be cool to hear your thoughts and such on the game. Who do you want to play as? Who do you want as assist trophies? Stages, music, items, anything you think will be or might be in the new game post it here! 

Here are some of my personal thoughts.

Playable characters;

Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles (Please let there be Monado Monday...)
Reyn from Xenoblade Chronicles ("Yeah! Now it's Reyn Time!")
Melia from Xenoblade Chronicles (She'd be an interesting character)
Pyhrron from Kid Icarus: Uprising ("Villians are no macth...for PYHRRON!")
Phosphora from Kid Icarus: Uprising (There is proof she might be in)
Dark Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising (There is proof he might be in too)
Dimentio from Super Paper Mario
King Boo from the Mario series
Chrom from Fire emblem: Awakening
Exitebike Racer (Sakurai actually wanted him to be in the first super smash bros. also Little Mac got upgraded from Assist to Player, so why not?)

Assist Trophies;
Glass Joe or Von Kaiser from Punch Out!! (Not too strong, and they're iconic characters from the series.)
Pandora or Thanatos from Kid Icarus: Uprising (Iconic to the series)
Shulk, Reyn, Sharla, Dunban, Alvis or Riki from XenoBlade Chronicles (If one of them gets in, another should get in as an assist)
Mechon from Xenoblade chronicles
Mimi from Super Paper Mario

Colony 9, Frontier Village, Unfinished Battle from Xenoblade chronicles
Reaper Fortress/Valley, The Lunar Sanctum, Aurum Island from Kid Icarus: Uprising
ExiteBike Racetrack from ExiteBike
Treacherous Mansion from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

Alternate costumes;
Shulk: Alvis, Dunban, different Armour
Reyn: Different types of aromur
Pyhrron: Aurum Pyhrron
King Boo: Classic King Boo
Mario: Classic Colour scheme
Megaman: Quint, Protoman, Bass, Zero
Pac-Man: Ms. Pac-Man
Palutena: Viridi
Bowser: Dark Bowser, Dry Bowser
Pikachu: MOAR HATS (TF2 in a nutshell)
Fox: Wolf, Falco
Villager: more...villagers?
Olimar: Louie, The president of Hocotate frieght, the new captains from Pikmin 3
Luigi: Mr. L
Peach: Daisy, Shadow queen
Toon Link and Link: Dark Link
Sonic: Shadow
Zelda: Hyrule Warriors Zelda
King Dedede: Masked Dedede, Shadow Dedede
Yoshi: Boshi, Yoshi from Paper mario the thousand year door
Captain Falcon: Blood Falcon

You Will Know Our Names, One Who Gets In Our Way, Unfinished Battle from Xenoblade Chronicles
A Strong Enemy Approaches, It's Showtime!, The Ultimate Show from Super Paper Mario
Boo theme, Boss Theme from Luigi's Mansion
Classic Game themes (various)
Super smash bros. OC move list meme by CaptainCanada99
Super smash bros. OC move list meme
Smash 4 is fast approaching! (not really...=^= ) So i decided to do a smash bros meme! here's how things work. Draw your oc and their specific special moves as they would appear in super smash bros. Give the moves names please.

Neutral Special (B) :
Side special (B + left or right) :
Down Special (B + Down) :
Recovery Special (B + Up) :

Hey Guys!

I'm kind of back in a way and jesus christ! 4,709 messages. wow...

well just letting you guys know, i may not be on as much as i used to be, i'm busy with homework and i have also got some other things i need to do, so i'll let you know when i get back for real.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey! I'm an aspiring artist who loves well, almost anything! my main goal is to overcome both my fears and the obstacles that prevent me from expressing myself.


My DA Familia
:iconaquarian-areli: and :iconshore-side: The best buddies.

:iconpencilpow: Da hipsta pimp

:iconcreator-of-nightmare: The insane, but fun one.

:iconx-queenie-x: the role-player

:icontrainernplz: The older bro

:iconghetsisplz: The father

:iconpikachuwiththehat: The "Little bro dude"

:iconcapinspiral: Neon Titan

:iconcharmeleongirl46: The random tugboat (wait, what?)

OC Themes

My Theme: Boss Wave - by Xilent
Ionis The Iogheist: Vindicate - Datsik and Excision
Volt The Dark Pikachu: Open your heart - By Crush 40
Nightmare Volt: One Who Gets In Our Way - Xenoblade Chronicles
Shaid the Gloopeon: (Undecided)
Dante Harmonia Gropius: 'Timpanic Chaos V2' VS. Neo-Ghetsis! BW2 Reforme - Zenith aegis
Propain: Punisher - Datsik & Downlink
Captain Canada: (undecided)


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